Policy Documents

In order to ensure the smooth running of the playgroup, we ask parents to make note of the following policies.


Please provide your child with a pair of soft soled shoes (e.g. plimsolls or Doodles but NOT slippers) for them to change into at Playgroup. We recommend that your child comes to Playgroup dressed in old clothes as play can often be messy (i.e. painting and gluing). We ask that a complete change of clothes is left in the cloakroom along with any necessary spare nappies/pull-ups that your child may be using.

Collecting Children

Our morning session finishes at 11.30 a.m. and parents/carers are asked to wait outside the playroom until one of the Play Leaders indicates that the session is ended. Although you may wish to join in, we find that the children are rather too easily distracted from our final singing/dancing activities if parents come into the playroom.

If you plan to pick your child up early, please notify the Play Leaders at the beginning of the session.
If an emergency arises and you will be significantly delayed in collecting your child please telephone the Play Leaders on 07540 663999.

To ensure the safety and security of the children the Play Leaders will only release the child to that child’s principal parent/carer. If your child is to be collected by a different person, please notify the Play Leaders when you drop off your child. We require parents/carers to sign each child in to Playgroup.

Health Matters

Please inform the Play Leaders if your child suffers from any health problems or allergies especially food allergies.

Parents are asked to telephone the Play Leaders before 10.00am if their child is unwell and unable to attend Playgroup that day. The contact telephone number is 07540 663999. If a child has been unwell with sickness and diarrhoea, we request the child be kept off Playgroup for a period of 48 hours.

Photography Policy.

We may wish, very occasionally, to take photographs of the children for our daily diary or a special project. Any photographs produced would be displayed only within the playroom. You will be asked to give written consent to your child’s photograph being taken and if you would rather your child was not photographed at Playgroup please make your wishes known on the consent form.


One month’s written notice is required if you plan to remove your child from Playgroup. Please note that if notice is not given four weeks fees will be required to be paid in lieu of notice. Please note that once a starting date has been selected, fees will become due from that date. This means that if you have agreed a starting date and subsequently decide to postpone for any reason, you will still be billed from the original start date. This is the only way we can guarantee to keep places open.


Fundraising is a very important to the Playgroup; giving the opportunity to purchase treats for the children, new equipment, and fund training courses for the Play Leaders to allow them to keep skills up to date. Over the years many ways of raising funds have been tested, we now have a successful strategy in place which requires minimum time and administration. We welcome and actively encourage members input and assistance with this and any new ideas you may wish to initiate and lead.

Braidholm Playgroup AGM

Every year Committee members move on as their children leave, so new members have the opportunity to take up vacant committee positions. The Committee posts are Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary. New members are elected as a new committee at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in October each year.

This year the AGM is to be an evening event providing Cheese and Wine to make the event an enjoyable social experience and to thank all members for attending. As members we ask and expect a commitment to attend this one event, as the Playgroup cannot fulfil constitution obligations without members attending. If you cannot attend due to exceptional or unforeseeable circumstances, we would ask you to send your apologies to the group by informing Play Leaders or Committee Members or by phone the Playgroup on 07540 663999.

Do come forward if you have the skills and are interested in getting involved on the Committee as without their role being filled the Playgroup will close. Each position is a rewarding post for volunteers, who ultimately the Playgroup dependent upon. Job descriptions for each of these posts and an annual check list of the essential tasks involved in running the Playgroup are available from Play Leaders on request.

Playgroup Policy Documents

In addition to the required notices and current information displayed on the notice board in the hall parents/carers should be aware that all Playgroup Policy Documents are available for inspection at any time. These include the Complaints Procedure. The policies are displayed in full in the Policy and Procedure Folder and if you wish to look at any of the policies please speak to one of the Play Leaders or a committee member.